Bluedio U Plus (UFO) Pro Base Headphones

I was in the market for high end headphones for my commute to work every day, things I was looking for were noise cancellation, bass and clarity. These headphones deliver with flying colours.

These headphones came with a solid carrying case and nice brown cables to match the headphones. These headphones really do deliver an extreme premium feel; the leather padding is extremely comfortable, enough so that you won’t even want to take it off if you stopped listening to music. Every button is hidden so these headphones have a minimalist and stylist look.

I’m not sure about other reviewers but most headphones need time to be broken in as so they’ll sound more balanced and natural. After a few days of using these headphones I can attest to their top quality sound. Vocals were extremely clear, highs were crystal clear, mids just as they are supposed to be and the bass, my god… I didn’t even know some of my favourite songs had bass but apparently they do. My old earphones were just never able to pick them up but these headphones have no problem at all doing so.

I would recommend these headphones to anyone searching for a beautiful pair of headphones with extremely top quality sound and even better bass.

Sound Quality: 5/5
Build and Design: 5/5
Packaging: 5/5


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