Diamond Candy Rain Jacket

I got this jacket to prepare for the upcoming fall and am pleasingly surprised at the quality and durability of this jacket. I got a size M and normally wear size M in mall brands.

This jacket as per the product description does fit a bit large; this is to allow breathability as well as layering. A sweater can fit underneath without stretching the jacket or feeling tight. This jacket has a chest pocket which appears to be designed to hold a thin flashlight or pen as it wouldn’t be able to hold a phone. Two standard pockets at the waist with a flap to waterproof along with a flap to waterproof the main zipper to close the jacket. Inside is a breathable mesh fabric with air vents through the back with flaps over them as to also waterproof.

However, the hood is a bit small for my head… This is probably due to my giant head although this has nothing happened to me previously with any other jacket but it isn’t impossible for someone like me. I may have gotten a defect because the part that is designed to close the hood and cover your mouth seem to have two of the same end pieces therefore isn’t able to close at all. The hood is detachable so I could always just take it off and still have a quality and functioning rain jacket.
I would recommend this jacket to anyone who is in need of a reasonably priced rain jacket to prepare for rainy weather.

Water Proof: 5/5
Build and Design: 4.5/5 (-0.5 for the hood)
Packaging: 5/5

Link: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B00NZWDKR0

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